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Generational Politics

BY SUSAN ESTRICH The conversations are taking place when our kids come back to California, especially if they’re coming from New York. What is it that you see in AOC? And as they tell us, the generational divide always opens to the size of the Grand Canyon. They like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she speaks...
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Virtual Charter School Is An Epic Failure

BY JOHN THOMPSON Even many of the staunchest pro-charter corporate reformers are criticizing virtual charters for their poor outcomes and draining resources from public schools. For instance, Todd Ziebarth of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, criticizes the high rates of “churn” they contribute to, their low graduation rates, and low levels of student...
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‘Promoting The General Welfare’

BY BOB BEARDEN Social Security and Medicare are socialistic programs that benefit our citizens as they were intended. President Trump has released his 2020 proposed budget and it is in the trillions. It includes drastic cuts to Medicaid and Medicare [over a 10-year period], which would directly affect most of the people who voted him...



It’s Not Socialism; It’s What People Want

BY JIM HIGHTOWER “Socialism,” snarled Donald Trump at a recent pep rally of far-right Republicans. And the obedient crowd of faithful Trumpistas snarled back in unison: “So-shull-izz-ummm!” And there you have the entire intellectual content of the GOP’s 2020 re-election strategy under Generalissimo Trump – slap Democrats silly with a scurrilous campaign branding them as...

Scant Economic Joy In Mudville

BY FROMA HARROP The American people have been ordered to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the economic recovery. Note the lack of balloons, however, and that the marching bands have their feet up. President Donald Trump, of course, is a brass section unto himself. He’s been trumpeting the “Trump economy,” even though nearly eight of...

Why Canadians Rule The Cannabis Business

BY FROMA HARROP President Trump routinely waves his fist at alleged unfair trade practices, including at the hands of our good neighbor Canada. But what about playing fields that are uneven because the U.S. government makes them so? Witness the cannabis industry. It’s enjoying explosive growth worldwide, but Canadians are running away with the profits...
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Feb’19 Newsmakers

Observer Editor Arnold Hamilton, left, and state Rep. Jason Dunnington discuss criminal justice reform and other important legislation during Feb. 14’s Oklahoma Observer Newsmakers at Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City.
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