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Fox Noise, Faux News

BY EDWIN E. VINEYARD The television cable channel which goes by the title of “Fox News” is popular in our city. It must be. Everywhere one goes in public places, one must endure the diatribe that channel calls “News.” If one goes to the fitness center, sure enough somebody has turned to Fox News, and...
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False Witness

BY DAVID GLOVER Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments legislator, Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, appeared to bear false witness on a statewide TV broadcast last week. During OETA’s “People’s Business” with George Tomek [3.25.09], Ritze used these phrases in describing the need for Voter ID in Oklahoma: “found voter fraud” “250 people in Tulsa” “vacant lots” “defeated...
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Misplaced Priorities

BY NORM ROURKE Other than football, Oklahoma is big on taxes and fees. People coming from other states are overwhelmed with the plethora of taxes and assorted fees Oklahoma devises – that is, after they’ve paid tolls to drive here on terrible roads. We have taxes on food [one of the most ridiculous of all...



Trump Turns Farmers Into A Sacrifice

BY FROMA HARROP Our generally strong economy has yet to cast its blessings on American farm country. Incomes there are headed for their lowest level since 2006. And farmers are going deep into debt to keep their heads above water. President Trump’s budget blueprint would only make things worse for U.S. agriculture. Trump’s hostility to...

The South Is Rising Again

BY JIM HIGHTOWER In the past year, we’ve seen a burst of audacious political assertiveness coming out of Old Dixie, and I’m not talking about those Trumpeteering, tiki-torch-brandishing, tinhorn KKKers the media focuses on. The real story is that a fresh, “Reclaim the South” movement of young African-American populists is emerging, kindling long-suppressed hope in...

You, Too, Mr. President

BY SUSAN ESTRICH Poor Donald Trump. He can’t help himself. Take the case of Roy Moore: After numerous women accused Moore of sexual assault, sexual misconduct and child molestation, every Republican I knew was rooting against him, hoping to spare the party huge embarrassment. But the president supported Moore for a seat in the United...
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Jan ’18 Oklahoma Observer Newsmakers

From left, state Rep. Monroe Nichols, Observer Editor Arnold Hamilton and former Gov. David Walters discuss ways to fix Oklahoma’s broken political system, including Nichols’ proposal to repeal or modify anti-tax SQ 640 and Walters’ efforts to end partisan gerrymandering.
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