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Lt. Gov. Lamb Is No ‘Profile In Courage’

BY MIKE W. RAY Earlier this week Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb took his campaign for governor to Stillwater, where he boldly announced, “I’m against tax increases.” Wow. That was brave. I can’t think of anyone who’s busting a gut to see his or her taxes raised. I dislike having to pay taxes as much as...
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Is Oklahoma Stepping Up?

BY MARK Y.A. DAVIES Look, I get Oklahoma politics. I understand that the oil and gas industry has more economic and political power than any other entity in the state. I understand that no major revenue bill will likely ever make it through the Oklahoma Legislature without the approval of the leaders of our large...
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Seeing The Light

BY DAVID PERRYMAN In the wee hours of a January 1947 morning, Lilly Williams was driving toward Montgomery, AL. Her passengers were her son and his band who a few months earlier had been rejected by the Grand Ole Opry. As Lily neared the city, she saw the distant lights of Dannelly Field, the local...
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The Old Media

BY SUSAN ESTRICH In Los Angeles, where I live, there was plenty of snickering this week about Tribune Company’s decision to file for bankruptcy protection. Tribune owns the Los Angeles Times, which in recent years has seen its staff cut even more than its circulation and advertising. The once mighty Times has managed to give...

Wrangling Gavel From Rangel

BY FROMA HARROP Company gives $100,000 to congressman’s pet cause. Congressman protects company tax loophole worth tens of millions. Bam! Company gives pet cause another $100,000 check. Sounds like old times in the Republican Congress of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. But this is happening in the Democratic Congress of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi....

Where Is John Edwards?

BY SUSAN ESTRICH Doris Kearns Goodwin could not have asked for more. The author of Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, published in 2006, is making headlines once again for her foresight, as well as her knowledge of history, in light of President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to surround himself with his former...


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Jan ’18 Oklahoma Observer Newsmakers

From left, state Rep. Monroe Nichols, Observer Editor Arnold Hamilton and former Gov. David Walters discuss ways to fix Oklahoma’s broken political system, including Nichols’ proposal to repeal or modify anti-tax SQ 640 and Walters’ efforts to end partisan gerrymandering.
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