To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Saturday, June 6, 2020

New Observercast

These Parlous Times Bring Folks Together

BY GARY EDMONDSON This one Earth we share with our many cousins is entering parlous times. Last summer The Guardian interviewed Mami Mizutori, The UN secretary-general’s special...

Just Say No

BY FROSTY TROY Could Barack Obama's record-setting fundraising be the death knell of campaign-finance "reform"? After saying he would accept public funding and live within the...

Remembering Gene Stipe

Former state Sen. Gene Stipe, one of the most powerful and controversial figures in Oklahoma political history, has died in his hometown McAlester. He...

Most Dangerous Man

First Of Two Parts BY SHARON MARTIN The most dangerous man in America thinks being gay is a choice. He believes the high rate of suicide among...

This Trump Scandal Is Radioactive

BY JOE CONASON Often enough, the ambitious phrase "Middle East peace plan" emanates from the Trump White House, often associated with presidential son-in-law and senior...
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Latest News

Is There Anything We Can Agree On Today?

BY CAL HOBSON At dawn 76 years ago today, 176,000 Americans, British and Canadian soldiers disembarked from 6,000 sea craft then walked, ran, floated, swam,...

Observercast Episode 19: A Top 10 State In Police Violence

Will the murder of George Floyd – his very life snuffed out by a Minneapolis police officer’s knee – be the tipping point that...

A Timely Warning From The Generals

Under ordinary circumstances, open dissent from high-ranking military officials, retired and active, against the actions of civilian political leaders would signal a danger familiar...