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They Could Be Statesmen

BY KEN NEAL Oklahoma’s senators have the opportunity to hold an honored place in U.S. history. They simply have to oppose a deranged president. Tulsa’s Sen. Jim Inhofe has the most to gain and the least to lose by simply speaking the truth about Donald J. Trump: The president has repeatedly obstructed justice during the...
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U.S.-Cuba Expert In OKC June 18

What’s really going on with the U.S. and Cuba? Longtime Pastors for Peace program coordinator John Waller will be in OKC Tuesday, June 18 to offer insight into the long-complicated relationship during a special event at Church of the Open Arms UCC, 3131 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Waller has helped coordinate 20 annual humanitarian aid caravans...
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Trump To Working Class: ‘Adios, Chumps’

BY JIM HIGHTOWER Congratulations on that nice pay raise you got last year, a 7% hike – wow! Seven percent might not sound all that big, but after 40 years of stagnant wages, even a small uptick can help cover some of your old credit card bills or get an upgrade on your 10-year-old pickup....
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Congress Must Begin An Impeachment Inquiry

BY JOE CONASON Donald Trump is no longer just a persistent object of national shame and revulsion. He has become a threat to the Constitution and the rule of law – and the question before the House, quite literally, is what to do about him. For understandable reasons, the Democratic leadership in Congress has been...

How Ridiculous Is Trump’s Border Stand?

BY JIM HIGHTOWER The most ridiculous thing about Donald Trump’s xenophobic, demagogic assault on Central American amnesty seekers is that his frantic demand to build a $5 billion border wall to deny them entry to the U.S. is not his most ridiculous ploy. Even more ridiculous is his panicky political assertion that the caravans coming...

Playing Monopoly For Real

BY JIM HIGHTOWER Shouting “Down with big government,” today’s tea party Trumpateers claim to be tax rebels – direct descendants of the Boston bunch who boarded three British ships in 1773 and heaved their cargo of tea chests into the harbor. But wait! That historic Tea Party wasn’t actually a tax protest. The audacious colonists...
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