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Why Republicans Fail – Part II

BY VERN TURNER In Part I we introduced the operating philosophy comparisons between conservatives and progressives. It should be noted that most, but not all, people with conservative attributes are Republicans, with the same being true that all progressive people are not Democrats. That said, let’s look at what has become of the Republican Party...
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Lipstick On A Pig

BY DAVID PERRYMAN There are a number of phrases and rhetorical statements that may be used to describe the vanity that exists when one wants to exude an image for which there is simply no underlying basis. A British sitcom of the mid 1990’s named Keeping Up Appearances captured that idea. In that show, Hyacinth Bucket...
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As To The Least, So To The Rest As Well

BY GARY EDMONDSON Forty-nine years ago, I sat on the fresh spring grass in Nacogdoches, TX, with alternating redbuds and dogwoods providing the purple and white school colors of Stephen F. Austin State University. It was SFA’s first Earth Day. The event had been organized the year before by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson to combat...
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Coddling Bankers, Bashing Autoworkers

BY JIM HIGHTOWER Sen. Bob Corker is … well, a real corker. The Tennessee Republican is on the Senate banking committee that’s overseeing the bailout of America’s Big Three automakers, and, by gollies, he got his dander up when the three CEOs told the committee last week that they needed a $34 billion loan to...

The Old Media

BY SUSAN ESTRICH In Los Angeles, where I live, there was plenty of snickering this week about Tribune Company’s decision to file for bankruptcy protection. Tribune owns the Los Angeles Times, which in recent years has seen its staff cut even more than its circulation and advertising. The once mighty Times has managed to give...

Wrangling Gavel From Rangel

BY FROMA HARROP Company gives $100,000 to congressman’s pet cause. Congressman protects company tax loophole worth tens of millions. Bam! Company gives pet cause another $100,000 check. Sounds like old times in the Republican Congress of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. But this is happening in the Democratic Congress of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi....


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Apr’19 Newsmakers

House Democratic Floor Leader David Perryman, right, and Oklahoma Hospital Association President Patti Davis discuss Oklahoma’s health care crisis with Observer Editor Arnold Hamilton at April 11’s Newsmakers event at Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City.
Newsmakers, Video, Videos

Mar’19 Newsmakers

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister discusses the state of Oklahoma public education as Pastors for Oklahoma Kids Executive Director Clark Frailey, right, and Observer Editor Arnold Hamilton listen during the Mar. 14 Oklahoma Observer Newsmakers event at Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City.
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