To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


9/11, Global Warming And Other Crimes



It is truly magic what we can do with a few numbers crunched together, y’know? 9/11, or September the 11th, 2001 is a fairly straightforward search to start with.

What weapon is capable of blowing up a 110 story, half million ton building with one acre concrete and steel floors built around a central core? Not only blow up; but, utterly crush 80 floors into fine dust and surgically slice up the remaining 30 stories of steel I-Beams into 30 foot sections, suitable for trucking outta there. This all has to happen in about 10 seconds, too, in Manhattan, New York. That requires a lot of “Juice,” “Power,” or “Energy,” to say the least.

Scientific authorities generally agree on a range of five to 12 years for the airtime of a CO2 molecule. This constitutes a Fact we can all agree on. There are few, if any, compelling reasons to think CO2 lasts longer than that. However, as the “need” for a big evil Green House Gas increased in the United States – voila – articles claiming that the airtime of CO2 was as much as “thousands of years” increased.

Reason: If the airtime increases then the amount of invisible, tasteless, odorless CO2 must be increasing, right? Right! On paper, at least, there is magically much, much more CO2, the longer it’s airtime.

A 1,000 or 2,000 year airtime produces 200 times to 400 times more CO2 instantly. This is fraud and it produces the CO2 number the fraudster wanted to begin with. The Nuclear Weapons Labs get away with this, too.

Bingo! Lying with numbers. The Pentagon and the Nuclear Weapons Labs are past masters at this. They, in fact, do it all the time. The Livermore Lab published one of their first big public lies about a month after the atomic bombing of civilians in Japan as a demonstration project.

“Radiation [atomic bomb] does not exist,” screamed the New York Times. Some of the boys from the Lab, the University of California at Berkeley, the U..S War Department and the NY Times cooked up this Hitler like Big Lie and ran it not once; but 12 times in the NY Times. The Lie was never retracted.

Explaining away a “Mushroom Cloud,” and hundreds of thousands of dead and radiologically maimed civilians was not a problem for the Big Lie co-conspirators. A simple thing like “Global Warming” proved to be a piece of cake.

All the Perps had to do was lie to their friends, families, professional colleagues, the United States residents and the world in general. The co-conspirators changed one number in the science; then, the so-called “newspapers,” TV and radio could be depended on to do the rest of the job.

After all, Americans are purposely dumbed down and really Want to Believe. A lie told with a straight face by an authoritative looking person would definitely work. An international effort by future enemy countries to kill the massive U.S. nuclear weapons program provided the start switch. It was all deemed “OK” since nuclear weapons are required for world domination.


The Montreal Protocol was initiated on Sept. 16, 1987. It was a dagger held to the throat of the U.S. nuclear Weapons program. The World Wide Treaty was eventually signed by 196 current and future enemy countries to the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program. The liberal sounding “Protocol” was accompanied by a massive international liberal publicity campaign about the alleged destruction of the earth’s Ozone layer.

Ozone, they maintained, protects life on Earth from the sterilizing rays of the Sun. They are right, of course, nothing can withstand unshielded radiation from the Sun, which is just a giant H-Bomb. But, that did not count in the fight for world domination and control.

The international peaceniks said that CFCs were killing the Ozone layer. CFCs are also the Freon in your car air conditioner. They also make the A/C in your house and office buildings work, and shopping malls, too.

They are also required by the U.S. nuclear weapons program to cool the heavy centrifuges spinning ‘round in a circle at supersonic speeds. A whopping 55% of all CFCs released into the air in North America are from cooling the US nuclear weapons program. The pro-nukers were absolutely opposed to the Montreal Protocol and knew it had to be killed.

For decades, Sen. Gore Sr., young Al Gore’s Dad and then Al Gore, Jr., as representative, senator and vice president have been the “go to” politicians for political issues related to the U.S. nuclear weapons programs’ nitty gritty problems. The Montreal “problem” was no exception and a serious threat to a lot of peoples’ job security. This was really serious.

The rest of the world was conspiring to rid the world of nuclear weapons. That would never do. The “best minds” would solve this problem and that meant the Livermore Nuke Weapons Lab along with the other nuclear weapons labs.

It was from this job threatening situation that the new “problem” invisible, odorless gas, CO2, was called upon to solve. All the “best minds” joined in on the dogpile and in a few years the irksome CFCs and the troublesome Montreal Protocol were forgotten in the “Global Warming – CO2” debate.

The academic science whores got “on board” in no time at all. Not a problem. Any temporary moral discomfort they might have felt was soon taken care of by the most powerful drug on Earth – American hundred dollars bills – their salaries, grants and bonuses. In the end, this was just another lie, ya go along to get along.

After all. The New York Times does it, right?

Look around at the “Global Warming-CO2” mish mash. See what I mean?

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored award-winning journalist whose work appears occasionally in The Oklahoma Observer

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Arnold Hamilton
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