To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Friday, August 19, 2022


American Hostages



With apologies to my old friend William Shakespeare

American hostages, that’s what we are,
While politicians play games from afar.
They do not care, nor do they know
The seeds of misery that they sow.
But not to worry, they’re doing fine,
With paychecks coming in right on time.
They’re arrogant, stubborn and think they’re royals,
And to their people they are not loyal.
Next year they’ll come and ask for votes
Making promises like wolves in sheep like coats.
Many will forget when this crisis is passed
And re-elect these fools and kiss their ass.
So who’s to blame for this bloody mess?
YOU the voter who won’t digress
From electing another instead of these bums
Who know you’ll give them another run.
2014 is not far away when you’ll have another chance,
To send them packing with a kick in the pants!
So be brave and remember what they have wrought,
And let them know you’ve not forgot.
Here’s your chance to stand your ground
To tell these jerks you don’t want them around.
So lift your voice with a mighty shout,
And throw all these worthless arrogant bums out!
The author, a longtime Observer contributor and Beggs resident, now lives in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley



  1. Wow so true!! I think nothing will change in 2014 because everyone will re-elect the same people that got us in the mess we are in now. We are currently going the a shut domw for what. While they are still getting paid and going on about their marry little lives. People in America have to suffer because they can not agree on a issue that has been going on for months.

  2. I competely agree with this article. The government has shut down and while some government workers are not getting paid and worrying about how they are going to provide for their families our elected officials are on the hill still fighting about what is best for our country. They are all full of crap and don’t know what is best. Their not worried how long it takes because they are all recieving paychecks. If we deny them a paycheck a bet they would than come together and make a deal.

  3. Boy, this blog really sums everything up, doesn’t it? What happened to the days when every one in America seemed to know what was going on with our country? It must have been nice to know that you could trust your polititians. Nowadays, it seems that when it comes to election time, the opposing parties just try and find dirt on the other one. It’s more about why you shouldn’t elect the other one, instead of focusing on the important issues. I mean, who cares what someone did as a teenager. We all have a past that we may or may not learn from.
    I just wish things were like they used to be, and we felt more united than seperated. Is that not why they call us the “United” States?

  4. I have never been able to describe my feelings about the way our works, but this about sums it up. Everyone jokes about how coruppted our government is and how politians will do anything to get elected, but the severity of the situation is nothing to joke about. Every presidential election focuses on getting those voters to really want them because they can “change” something, however, little to no promises are acutally kept. I as a voter am very angered that I am being told something completley different than what is actually going on. This blog has made me really eager to voice my opinion for next election day.

  5. The government shut down is effecting Americans tremendously. Politicians don’t realize the strife that they are causing in this nation. They give you all these promises, “What can I do for you?” commercials, and brand new plans and proposals to fix all the problems we are currently facing. So we as voters decide to believe in them, trust what they say is true, that they will do what they say they will, and give them another chance. But what are we doing to ourselves? What are we as voters contributing to the downfall of the nation? Aren’t we the ones that elect the representatives that we are now so fed up with? Instead of complaining when we realize that the voters made a bad decision. Get out there and vote yourself! Make your voice heard, or it never will be.

  6. This blog is so true. This government shut down is going to cause people who were getting government help to have to go to extremes. I mean they could/should take a cut in pay. When it comes to re-electing people need to think about everything that has happened. Yes they make all these promises to fix everything but truly they can not promise anything. It is up to majorities vote. We all should stop complaining and get out and voice our opinions. We should all vote and make sure we know all the details before we vote.

  7. For the first time in my life I am seeing the huge impact our government is having on our country. From having my freedom of choice stripped away through obamacare to seeing children go without due to the WIC program ceaseing due to our government shut down! I am absolutely appauled! But our problem’s in this country started way before government shut downs or obamacare. When we take prayer out of schools, God out of the national anthem and pretend that these things aren’t giong to impact us in catastrophic ways, we placed ourselves on a downward slope. We can sit here and point fingers all day long, but they won’t feel that in Washington, and frankly they obviously don’t care;until we as a people under the one true and living God stand up, and say ” Washington we are washing our hands of you and the corruption that is leading this country into the ground!” Nothing will change, infact things are giong to get worse; much much worse! Change can happen! It can start with people actually doing reasearch on the polaticians before they place their votes! Less government! More freedom!

Arnold Hamilton
Arnold Hamilton
Arnold Hamilton became editor of The Observer in September 2006. Previously, he served nearly two decades as the Dallas Morning News’ Oklahoma Bureau chief. He also covered government and politics for the San Jose Mercury News, the Dallas Times Herald, the Tulsa Tribune and the Oklahoma Journal.