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I have often said that in the 40-plus years Trump has been mouthing off he has never said or done anything that would cause me to think he was qualified for anything that had any kind of control over my life or my rights.

He also has convinced me that a high-dollar private-school education is a waste of money.

How can it be that a person born two months before me could ever say anything as stupid or historically inaccurate as, “The U.S. relationship with Russia is worse that it has ever been.”

I will never forget the last day of the chance for Russia to pull out of Cuba in the 1960s. I lived in Houston and it was a target. We went to school not sure if it would be our last day.

And there was the Berlin Airlift and so many other things.

I can’t stop thinking this is a huge bait-and-switch deal where he says “look over here at this and forget the Russian involvement in the election.”

Longtime Oklahoman-turned-Oregonian Karen Webb is a frequent contributor to The Oklahoma Observer

April 14, 2017

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