To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Call Me Jeremiah


Only God can judge the content of his heart.
All I can see are his actions.
From where I stand, I see a dangerous man,
a man who believes in nothing
but himself.

I know it pains some of you,
but he will never be the man
Obama was and is.
We aren’t winning.
You aren’t winning.

He snubs constitutional laws,
the men and women who do the work
in the fields and factories,
in the capital and around the world.
He is destroying the state department,
his stand-ins in other countries.

He needs no stand-ins.
He undermines the generals.
He needs no generals.
He gives little thought to the safety
of our fighting men and women
or our allies on the ground.

He views intelligence gatherers
as personal enemies,
even as he does the bidding of dictators.
He is no one’s friend,
but he’s Putin’s man in America,
and Erdogan’s
and bin Salmon’s.
His devout wish is to be one of them.

As if the damage and the danger are not enough,
he’s crude, ugly, and mean.
See how he bullies members of his party,
his own appointees,
calls those who oppose him names,
brooks no criticism
or correction,
but can be manipulated with conspiracy theories?

He will stop at nothing
even if it brings down a grand experiment,
our work in progress
that has moved mostly forward for almost 250 years.

Plutocrats cheer.
They will flee with their wealth
or hide behind their gates
when it all comes crashing down
upon the rest of us.

His base cheers
because he plays to their inner fears,
their resentments,
their fantasies,
even as the nation they say they love
slides into the sea
and into the history books
as a cautionary tale.

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