To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Enough Already!



My friend, the late L.J. Davis, once described the American political situation as a “Slow Riot.” That was, perhaps, 20 years ago. L.J. never lacked for an opinion on any subject. But his words seem to be on the mind these days as we head into a new Congress, new legislative sessions and presidency.

If the recent election showed anything, other than winners and losers, it was a demographic of divisiveness. The root causes of this divide can be polled, analyzed and discussed while providing much grist for the pundit mill. But the fact remains: much of America is divided against itself.

And such deep divisions are not good for a republic. Debate is always encouraged. But when debate turns to political riot, nothing is accomplished and except for a few bright spots that is where we have been of late.

The non-administration party has declared failure as its goal if not allowed to run the country. Once again this party, the Grand Old Party, the Republican Party, via its talking heads, non-elected contingent has thrown down the gauntlet of failure.

It is disturbing so many true American patriots want to take their democracy football and leave the field because, by a democratic vote in spite of all the millions spent, their guy lost.

Is that what democracy is about; vote till I win?

It is disturbing so many true American patriots feel they must arm themselves because, by a democratic vote, in spite of all the millions spent, their guy lost.

Do these people have any idea what would be required to collect every gun from every citizen in this country? This line of thought is beyond stupidity, but yet gun sales have soared since the election.

It is disturbing so many true American patriots feel the need to threaten employees with their livelihoods, because by a democratic vote, in spite of all the millions spent, their guy lost.

These are people who are paying and taking millions in bonuses but feel deprived if they are asked to share the fruits of employee labor with the workers.

What is most disturbing is the number of Americans willing to lick the boots of their oppressors. It has evolved in this country that it is better to deprive your family of medical care, be scorned by those whom you have made rich and allow the downtrodden to be trampled than to be thought of as “liberal.”

Hate mongers and robber barons have convinced millions of citizens to water carry their excrement and pretend its perfume. And it’s a willing arrangement.

It no longer matters if the president is of mixed race; the majority of votes have said they don’t care. It no longer matters if you were for or against universal healthcare, as a Republican noted after the election, “it is the law of the land.”

What does matter is how this country is going to heal itself from the deep divisions created by those who profit from our social and internal divisions. These divisions have done nothing but turn neighbor against neighbor and divided families.

What family value leaves families divided when the family is the central thread of our social fabric? Those driving this wedge into our character do so not for a better America, but for their own power and most of all profit.

Spreading division among our people has become an industry. This industry has made talk show entertainers and scribblers very rich.

In short, what does it matter who sleeps with whom? A conservative, rather cynical, friend noted, “Why shouldn’t gays be allowed to get trapped in an unhappy marriages just like straight people.”

Why is one gun not enough? It is hard to imagine a hamburger so good, so well prepared that you would need a gun to protect you while eating in fear the burger would be stolen.

Or grandma is on the floor with a heart attack. The ambulance arrives, out jumps an illegal EMT in a dress with the paddles in his hand. Do you care?

State budget deficits? Legalize marijuana, abolish the death penalty. Revenue would jump, prisons would empty and law enforcement could get back to fighting crime.

Of course, the private prison system and its adjunct industries such as prison phone companies and commissaries would howl. But, so what?

The death penalty? Once abolished no one would miss it. It would deprive many governors the opportunity of killing some poor sod just before an election, but such is the price of humanity.

It is time to get America back to being America. It is time to get back to looking out for the workers of this country; it is the workers who built this country regardless of their legal status, a status which can be changed with the stroke of a pen.

It is time Americans took care of those who can’t care for themselves.

It is time to tell the hate mongering pundits and robber baron shills we have had enough. It is time to tell these predators they have no place in a republic where all are created equal and all are entitled to equal justice under the law.

Maybe the divisions in the country do constitute a slow riot. But it is time to tell those who want to keep the riot rolling, enough. It is time for America to act as one nation and move forward to a productive future.

As often said in my part of the country, “Let’s get’er done.”

Richard L. Fricker lives in Tulsa, OK and is a regular contributor to The Oklahoma Observer. His latest book, The Last Day of the War, is available at or at


Arnold Hamilton
Arnold Hamilton
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