To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Saturday, May 18, 2024


Evidence Points To A Bleak Future



Her logic was impeccable. Last year, 15-year-old climate crusader Greta Thunberg of Sweden looked at the facts and realized there was a certain absurdity in going to school to prepare for her future when adults were conspiring to destroy that future. So, she initiated a one-girl school strike to protest the climate-change calamity facing the world within the next 30 years.

This past Friday, Greta took her Fridays For Future strike to the fence of the White House, where the St. Louis Post-Dispatch observed, “The administration’s zeal to tear down protections is so extreme that it has drawn opposition even from major players in the automobile and fossil-fuel industries.”

Greta had already dismissed the idea of trying to talk with our polluter-in-chief, pointing out his history of ignoring facts that others [Al Gore and Prince Charles among them] had shown him. [And our golfer-in chief was probably on his way to stoke more federal dollars into one of his golf courses.]

Sure, she’s just a publicity-seeker. That Amnesty International Human Rights Award is just propaganda. Forget that Normandy Freedom Prize or her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. There’s no cause to be concerned just because:

Warnings of ‘destructive and irreversible impacts’ as greenhouse gases hit highest levels in 3-5 million years– Common Dreams

UN report: ‘Urgent action’ needed to protect human, environmental health– The Hill

EPA-funded research finds pollution made worse by climate change can accelerate lung disease– Think Progress

Rise in flesh-eating bacteria linked to climate change– CBS News

Summertime parasite outbreaks have been rising steadily since 2009, CDC says– ABC News

Europe warming faster than expected due to climate change– Eureka Alert

Burgundy wine grapes tell climate story, show warming accelerated in past 30 years– Eureka Alert

Climate change causes drop in grape harvest in Greece, affects winemaking– Greek Reporter

Leaked UN draft report warns rising, warming oceans ‘poised to unleash misery’ worldwide– Common Dreams

The world’s biggest companies have identified $1 trillion in climate risks, and that’s just a start– Daily Kos

Human civilization faces ‘existential risk’ by 2050, according to new Australian climate change report– CBS News

It’s so hot in Spain, a pile of chicken poop sparked a wildfire– Gray News, reported by KOTA-TV

Wealthy nations won’t be spared economic climate impacts, new study finds– Think Progress

Mississippi beaches have been vacant for two months as a toxic algae bloom lurks offshore. An algal bloom in the Gulf is devastating coastal businesses. – Huffington Post

Study shows global warming is making income inequality worse for those who have no way to fight back– Daily Kos

A signal of climate change: Hurricane Dorian stalls over Bahamas, causing massive destruction– CNBC

CO2 in the atmosphere just exceeded 415 parts per million for the first time in human history– Tech Crunch

Exxon predicted in 1982 exactly how high global carbon emissions would be today – Think Progress

Study warns carbon-saturated oceans headed toward tipping point that could unleash mass extinction event– Common Dreams

Great Barrier Reef health outlook downgraded to ‘very poor’ due to ocean warming– CBS News

Joshua trees facing extinction– Science Daily

Alaska’s water temperatures have been so hot this summer that salmon are dying off in large numbers– Daily Kos

Arctic death spiral speeds up six-fold, driving coastal permafrost collapse– Think Progress

‘Findings should inspire naked fear’: Canada warming at twice the global rate– Common Dreams

‘The clock is ticking’: Edmonton declares climate emergency– CTV News

In ‘visionary’ document, small island nations declare ‘climate crisis’ in Pacific– Common Dreams

Ireland becomes second country to declare climate emergency– EcoWatch

Earth Day: Colorado’s climate is warming faster than the national average– KCNC-TV, Denver

New look at Antarctica’s biggest ice shelf shows melting is occurring much faster than we thought– NBC News

Climate change will melt vast parts of the Himalayas, study says– CNN

Greenland lost 11 billion tons of surface ice in one day– The Hill

‘The changes are really accelerating’: Alaska at record warm while Greenland sees major ice melt. The numbers needing relocation will grow, the costs are going up and people’s lives and cultural practices will be impacted. – Common Dreams

‘We should be retreating already from the coastline,’ scientist suggests– The Hill

But …

As climate crisis grows, fastest pace of home building is in flood zones– Daily Kos

Youngsters have a right to be outraged by the arrogance, ignorance and – let’s be real about this – unholy greed of the very elders who should be ensuring their future. Parents used to hope that their children had better lives than they had. Now?

EPA administrator dismisses climate change as ‘50 to 75 years out’– Huffington Post

Greta, who has a better chance to be around “50 to 75 years out than Andrew Wheeler, told the Los Angeles Times: “No matter how bad it gets, we must keep doing everything we can to keep it from getting worse.”

Last week, she told CBS This Morning, “I just know what is right and I want to do what is right. I want to make sure I have done anything, everything in my power to stop this crisis from happening, to prevent it.”

Smart-mouthed kid. Hey, only civilization is at stake.

Gary Edmondson
Gary Edmondson
Gary Edmondson is chair of the Stephens County Democrats. He lives in Duncan, following a sporadic career as a small-town journalist, mostly in Texas, and as an editor of educational audio-visual materials. Some days he's a philosopher/poet, others a poet/philosopher.
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