To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Friday, August 12, 2022


Hey, Fox — What’s The Difference?



Why is Cliven Bundy a hero for rights and James M. Boyd not a hero?

Cliven Bundy is a wealthy Nevada Rancher who has used federal land, without paying for the use of it, to feed his cattle since 1993 when he decided there is no such thing as the federal government. He does believe there is such a thing as the state of Nevada, but he is defying them as well.

James M. Boyd was a homeless, mentally handicapped man camping in Albuquerque, NM, and the police killed him and Fox is completely silent.

It’s a states rights’ thing. I guess if Boyd had been camped out without paying at the Nevada Federal Building downtown or the New Mexico Federal Building, Fox would have made him a hero – or not.

They would have still called him a freeloader and a useless human.

I think Fox could be very close to treasonous behavior. Fox News is backing up the idea that Bundy is a hero for taking what belongs to the rest of us. If Fox wants to let him graze his cattle on their land without paying, then that is OK by me.

Graze them on Hannity’s lawn.

It appears Fox is in favor of taking whatever you feel like.

Hannity mentioned David Koresh, but Koresh was on his own property. He did have some big whopping guns – anti-aircraft ones pointed at his neighbors – and he was molesting children in the name of himself because he was God. Hannity is in favor of declaring yourself to be God and molesting children?

By this same logic, Bundy could camp his cattle in the rotunda of the Capitol if he felt like it. I am so tired of people taking a gun and doing whatever the hell they please. Something has to be done; otherwise, if you are camping at Yosemite and Mr. Bundy decides he wants your campsite, he can come in with an army of gun-toting, my-rights-supersede-your-rights guys, and just take it.

Strange that one of the gun-toting idiots in Nevada had a sign that said, “Am I in Russia” since what he is doing is similar to what Russia is doing in the Ukraine. A bunch of armed guys come in and take whatever they feel like.

Fox News is advocating that it is OK to take anything you like that belongs to the rest of us and raise your children on it or your cattle or maybe you want to turn it into a commune for the homeless – “the least of these” – but Hannity and Huckabee would object to the commune.

Huckabee said the government is trying to say he can’t feed his cattle where he has fed them for 20 years. Fed them illegally for 20 years. And before he claimed the land for himself, he used to pay to use the land.

Strange how things change. I don’t recall Huckabee, Hannity or Greta Van-whatever claiming that the people protesting Wall Street be given free access to anywhere, but then that was city property.

Fox is saying it is OK, as long as you are armed to the teeth, to take any federal property because it is yours and you can take it regardless of what the rest of us think.

This weekend, what is likely to be a large group is going to march around the Capitol of Oklahoma seven times and claim it for their Lord because someone is suggesting putting something other than a Christian symbol on the Capitol grounds.

They are claiming Oklahoma in the name of their Lord and to hell with what anyone else thinks. They say Oklahoma is a Christian land which is what they were saying when they took it from the Native Americans. They just stole it outright.

I think I want to take the reflecting pool on the Capitol Mall in DC and turn it into a swimming pool for free access to whoever wants to use it. I think I want to plant flowers on top of Mount Rushmore and turn the founding fathers into flower children.

There are people, with guns, willing to die for the right for anyone with a gun to take federal property.

Karen Webb lives in Moore, OK and is a frequent contributor to The Oklahoma Observer


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Arnold Hamilton
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