To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition



Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand [2,000]) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

President G. Bush often referred to the well known “mushroom cloud” as a terrorist signature. Nope, just standard operating procedure [SOP] in the stationary nuclear weapons biz-ness, otherwise known worldwide as “Nuclear Power Reactors.” Except, in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Weapons, the biggest ever, the “mushroom” portion is invisible and has engulfed the whole world with 70 billion Radioactive Lethal Doses* – so far. There’s more on the way.

Truly, it is as if the entire world is At War! The dreaded all-out nuclear war that would happen if Russia or the United Stated accidentally “Pressed The Button” is going on right now; it is a done deal. Imagine that! The same thing as detonating 2,000 big Atomic Bombs and not even one “BOOM!” Not a shot fired, yet we could all die!

No giant forest fires, no burning cities creating their own hellish, uncompromising firestorms. None of that; but every bit of the radioactive contamination such an Atomic World War would create; and probably more. For unbelievably, there are more Japanese reactors about to blow. It’s a chain reaction.

It remains a thinly veiled secret of the nuclear powers that it only takes about 300 One Megaton nukes to target the entire world. Typically, the world’s nuclear weapons arsenals were originally built with a 350-year shelf life for major components. In fact, the radioactive materials are “safer” locked away securely in heavily guarded Atomic Bombs, than in loosely managed reactors run by utility companies for supposedly “peace time” purposes.

The worldwide nuclear war we’ve got is not the war we feared.

For now, we all wait and try to avoid the 10 radioactive particles set free for each of us on Earth, from Fukushima’s triggered stationary nuclear weapons. Feel free to figure out how to dodge lethal, airborne particles you can’t see.

So far, the Fukushima disaster for Planet Earth is by no means resolved. The Powers That Be at TEPCO [the Tokyo Electric Power Company] and General Electric, makers of the reactors that created this killer, worldwide, invisible mist, say that they might get a handle on the situation in “six to nine months.[1]”

The seven billion people on Earth don’t have “six to nine months.” Every single day that goes by the radioactive Fukushima Volcano slaughters more of us – silently with deadly radiation now or, years from now, with the inevitable cancer pandemic that will follow.

The ten thousand trillion counts[2] of radiation gushing forth per hour bring mortal illness to many of us. Aye, maybe even for most of us our own deaths are written on the Fukushima Radioactive Volcano Wind.

Make no mistake about it. Many of us will die from the Fukushima Nuclear Weapon. Go ahead; try to read the wind. You must have a Radiation Monitor to even start. A good one costs $400. The price excludes most of us.

About $400, give or take, is the price of admission to the exclusive club that will be able to chart the disaster at home, and take measures accordingly to protect themselves as much as possible.

The oft foretold Nuclear World War just happened; many of us are walking dead already. Do you want to take an action before you or someone you know is dead from the Fukushima Nuclear Weapon?

Theoretical Physics Professor and noted author Dr. Michiu Kaku already told CNN and the world what the solution is to the Fukushima disaster. It is pretty simple really, not rocket science. After all, it is already completely worked out, we have seen this before. It is Chernobyl on a grand scale.

If you control an Army or Air Force, “Kaku the Reactors!” Yea, count on it, those people do read VeteransToday.

If you are just a working stiff waiting your turn to do the Fukushima Nuclear Shuffle off this planet, then tell your neighbors: “Let’s Make Them Chernobyl the Reactors!”

Remember, as Albert Einstein famously said, “There are no secrets.” The facts of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are all known. There is no mystery; there are no excuses; in short, there is no other way. Bomb the f— out of The Fukushima Killing Machine. Get off you’re a—- and do it. It takes aircraft, sand, boron, water, concrete, and the simple will to “Chernobyl the Reactors.[3]”

Politicians world wide will either kill the reactors or they won’t. Talk is cheap. Life is even cheaper. We must kick their a—- at the first and every opportunity; we must punish them and not let up until we see the reactors dead.

Go for it.

AIPRI BLOG – English Translation below.

sabato 16 aprile 2011 *

Fukushima = 2000 bombe atomiche.

Fukushima, ossia le circa 200 tonnellate di combustibile presenti nelle 4 centrali e le 2800 tonnellate di scorie delle malmenatissime piscine sovrastanti i reattori, rappresenta un micidiale ed apocalittico potenziale contaminante per avvelenamento interno dell’intera umanità equivalente a quello di 2000 bombe atomiche di fissione (di 500 kt ciascuna…). Fukushima è insomma in grado di disperdere nella biosfera 5 volte più veleni “longevi” respirabili (cesio 137, stronzio 90, plutonio 239, ecc.) che l’insieme delle esplosioni atmosferiche non lo hanno fatto. In sintesi è come se Fukushima “valesse” 1000 Megaton !


NB. Circa 360 kg di Cesio 137 sono stati “liberati” dai “test” atmosferici di fissione -190 Mt-. Fukushima e le sue scorie sono in grado di “liberarne” 1800 kg ! 1 Mt è realizzato tramite la fissione di circa 57 kg di U233, di U235 o di Pu239. Ogni megaton “produce” pertanto 57 kg di prodotti di fissione di cui circa 17 kg (30%) sono elementi di fissione di periodo superiore ad un anno come il cesio, lo stronzio, il tecnezio, il prometio, il samario, l’europio, ecc. Ogni megaton “produce” anche circa 23 kg di prodotti di attivazione come l’U236, Il Pu238, il Pu239, Il Pu240, Il Pu241, l’Am241, ecc.

AIPRI BLOG, 16 April 2011, English Translation. Any errors of translation are my own and I take responsibility for the English version. – Bob Nichols

Fukushima, or rather the almost 200 tons of fuel present in the four reactors and the 2800 tons of old reactor cores in big 40 ft deep swimming pools that stand over the reactors, represent a lethal and potentially apocalyptic contaminant for the internal poisoning of the whole human race. Taken together, the active reactors and old cores are equivalent to 2000 atomic bombs of 500 kilotons each. Fukushima is then, capable of dispersing in the biosphere, five times the long lived breathable radioactive poisons, cesium 137, Strontium 90, plutonium 239, etc., than all the combined nuclear detonations to date. It is as if Fukushima were equal to a 1000 megaton Atomic Bombs; or expressed another way, 2,000 individual 500 kiloton Atomic Bombs.

Note: Around 360 Kilos of Cesium 137 were released in atmospheric testing – 190 Megatons-. Fukushima and its nuclear waste products can release 1800 Kilos! One Megaton is arrived at by the fission of about 57 kilos of Uranium 235 or of Plutonium 239. That means that every Megaton produces 57 kilos of fission products of which 17 kilos (30 %) are fission elements with a life of more than a year, Strontium, Technetium, Promethium, Samarium, Europium, etc. Every megaton also yields about 23 kilos of activation products such as U236, Plutonium238, Plutonium239, Plutonium240, Plutonium241. Am241, etc.

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Sources and Notes:

AIPRI BLOG, Association Internationale pour la Protection contre les Rayons Ionisants. L’AIPRI a pour but la divulgation scientifique dans le domaine de la physique nucléaire et des dangers radiologiques de la contamination interne.

“TEPCO announces it will take 6-9 months to end nuclear crisis,” Sunday 17th April, 08:10 PM JST, JapanToday.

“Fukushima – 10,000 terabecquerels/h on March 11,” Kyodo News :: The Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan released, News 3.0 Media Lab, April 11, 2011,

[3] “Chernobyl the Reactors.” These are the responsibilities of power. Bombing the Reactors calls for aircraft. The aircraft must have a base or bases. The U.S. is the only Super Power in the world today. The other “used-to-be” Super Power, the former USSR doesn’t even exist anymore. Japan consists of a number of islands, the largest of which is Honshu, with Tokyo, 103 million people and the Fukushima Daiichi reactors. The nearest large land mass is Asia, dominated by China. The aircraft base is likely to be controlled by the U.S., China or Japan, a U.S. ally.

If no other nearby land base is available for whatever reason, whether political, logistical, the weather, or whatever, that leaves the giant Super Carriers to do the job that must be done. The first response of an approaching U.S. Super Carrier was to turn tail and run when confronted by the heavily radioactive wind from Fukushima, Japan. That kind of “leadership” is disgusting. The Carrier was the 1,092 ft, 333 Mt long USS Ronald Reagan, CVN 76, estimated cost, US$4.3 Billion. The Super Carriers must be written off, if need be, to do the job.

After all, it is only money. If the U.S. government loses a few Super Carriers to radioactive contamination, So What? The Human Race is worth it. Besides, I’m sure, if we come out of this nuclear “challenge” alive the boys, and gals, at Newport News Ship Builders will be more than happy to make the U.S. Government a “deal” on Super Carriers all funded by an obliging and grateful Congress.

The American President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Navy’s 11 Aircraft Carrier Battlegroups have a job to do and only they can do it. Suit up and get on it.

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winning writer, a San Francisco Bay View and VeteransToday correspondent whose work regularly appears in The Oklahoma Observer and on-line at A former bomb maker in a U.S. government factory in rural Oklahoma, he reports on the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area.

© Bob Nichols



  1. This quote from Mr. Nichols, “Remember, as Albert Einstein famously said, “There are no secrets,” sums up half of what’s wrong with our predicament with nuclear technology.

    The problem’s other half is ignorance and its twin sibling, complacency.
    In ignorance, it’s assumed that the “higher-ups” (elected officials and CEOs of corporations) will take care of us, because after all, we assume, don’t our minders have to live on the same planet, breathing the same air, drinking the same water? Therefore, we trust that the right decisions will be made at the right time and we become complacent.

    But apparently, the higher-ups think they’re immune to radioactivity as if wealth and privilege will buy them the needed shielding and underground shelter. But who’s going to run the utilities needed to live in this fashion?

    Electricity has to be manufactured, clean water and air have to be filtered, sewage has to be removed and treated. Blue collar people have to work at these jobs and are vital to the higher-ups but they think as shown by their actions, that blue collars are disposable rather than indispensable.

    It looks more and more to me as if the higher-ups are planning on a return to the pre-Renaissance time of reliance on religion and dumb luck. The working class need to educate our higher-ups, pronto, that such a society died at early ages compared to what they could expect in the pre-Fukushima decade.

    Money without intelligence is worthless in a cold, dark world.

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