To Comfort The Afflicted
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To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Len Dietz, Fighter Pilot, Sets The Killing Rad Number



In June, 1945 Len Dietz was flying his P51 D Mustang escorting hundreds of the big B-29 Stratofortress bombers on bombing runs over Japan from Iwo Jima in the South Pacific.

Later that summer, on Aug. 6, 1945, a single B-29 Stratofortress named after the pilot’s mother, Enola Gay, flew over Hiroshima, Japan and announced the birth of the Atomic Age.

Called the “Gadget” by its builders, the single 10,000 lb, 4,545kg Atomic Bomb, the equivalent of about 30 million pounds of TNT, or 120,000 250-pound bombs, forever changed the Lethality Index of Weapons of War. Forevermore, bombs were more bizarre and vastly more lethal.

The single bomb riveted the attention of generals and cheap, opportunistic politicians everywhere. They immediately lusted after what became known simply as “The Bomb.” The Hiroshima Bomb, named “Little Boy” after the diminutive U.S. President Harry Truman vaporized, burned or otherwise killed an estimated 140,000 Japanese citizens at once that day.

Millions more die from the weaponized Uranium gas bomb with a very small Uranium 235 nuclear core dispersion device in the ensuing decades. Today, in March 2011, 40 countries possess the starting point for a nuclear weapon – a nuclear reactor. Only time will tell how many make the final run for “The Bomb.”

There is no other reason to have a reactor other that to make nuclear bombs. The reactors are dirty and they all leak radiation, all the time. Former General-then President Eisenhower’s “Too Cheap to Meter” lie about nuclear electricity is a cruel military mind game played on civilians.

To this day, “Little Boy” in conjunction with the Nagasaki “Fat Man” Atomic Bomb, named for the Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, dooms the Japanese nation to a long, drawn out extinction at the feet of the new rulers of the world: the Americans. A new world Empire was born in nuclear devastation and Genocide. No escape is possible. The poisonous radioactive molecules from The Bomb are in the Japanese’ DNA.

Nuclear weapons are the Empire’s great, lasting and only strength. 2,045 nuclear detonations later by “nuclear powers” and humans are still “ethical infants” ruled predominantly by Grade A, Top Dog Psychopaths and their truly sick enablers, like those at the two nuclear weapons labs in the Garrison City of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fighter Pilot Len Dietz along with about 13 million other living and, more or less whole, World War II Vets made it back to the states. Dietz became a famous physicist. He worked for GE – the “We Bring Good Things To Life” people – at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in New York for 28 years. He had a good life and was a Boy Scout leader while his kids were in scouting.

While Dietz flew guard duty for B-29s, John Gofman helped build “the Gadgets” as one of a couple of hundred thousand Americans working on the Manhattan Project. “The Gadgets” were the atomic bombs. Gofman was also a brilliant cardiologist and invented the “Stent” for surgical procedures.

Many of you readers may benefit from the surgical implant device or know someone who has. You have John Gofman, former medical director at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, to thank for it. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

Dietz and Gofman thought war fighters ought to know how much of the killing radioactivity is in every tiny particle of DU, or uranium oxide. If war fighters are going to be around uranium oxide shells, missiles and bombs they have every right to know how truly deadly it is.

So, they got together and figured it out. For them it was easy. The math is all set out in a paper listed below. They make it look deceptively easy because they understood the physics so well. You are all welcome to work out the math for yourselves. Go ahead, be my guest!


When a grunt gets zapped with a single DU particle, it is 34 times what a radiation worker in the states is permitted [to get.] A single DU particle is 100 times the radiation an adult male U.S. civilian is allowed. A single DU particle destroys a war fighter’s health; eats his/her brain, and finally kills that war fighter. Simple as that.

Fighter Pilot Len Dietz and Dr. John Gofman combined their long experience in the U.S. nuclear programs to calculate the radiation dose from a single DU particle.

That is only one particle. The U.S. Military let loose 2.5 billion doses in 20 years, enough to kill 2.5 billion people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries in Central and Western Asia, aka, the Middle East.

The dosing has not stopped. The dosing is measured regularly and maintained with more Rad bombs, shells and missiles. The annual Monsoons efficiently irradiate Iran, caught between the Iraq and Afghanistan nuclear wars, then spread the Rad throughout the world in days.

No one, anywhere in the world, is immune or untouchable. Everyone is hostage to what amounts to the U.S. Military’s Involuntary Population Abatement and Mitigation Program. There is no other way to characterize the voluntary use of that much uranium oxide when far better, more advanced weapons are readily available.

You do the math; the air is thick with the radioactive and poisonous particles that go through the war fighter’s skin. American war fighters breathe 17 times a minute on average and move their whole body through contaminated, radioactive air. No one can avoid one radioactive particle while in theater with boots on the ground. If you are or were there – you got zapped.

The SOB in charge of lying to U.S. war fighters about uranium oxide ammo is Col. Michael “Mikey” Kilpatrick. He even tells his Psy Ops team to say that uranium is safe enough to put on breakfast cereals. Mikey is a real piece of work; another psycho desk jockey in the Pentagon who gets off on killing grunts.

All the uranium lies come from Mikey and his crew. Too bad the 9/11 missile hit the accountants looking for Rumfield’s “lost $2.5 trillion” and not Mikey’s big shop of lies.

That’s the long and short of it from Fighter Pilot Len Dietz and famous nuke doctor John Gofman – one tiny particle is 34 Times what a nuke worker is allowed to get. Dr. Gofman adds that one Rad Ray through one cell will give you cancer. Tell Mikey’s lyin’ SOBs in the Pentagon to put it where the sun don’t shine.

Why do we put up with these lies from Mikey’s crew and use this ammo? This stuff is killing us all! A Norwegian squad was ordered to relieve Americans in a shot up train station. Their NBC Officer took a Rad Reading and they REFUSED because it was radioactive. They set up a bivouac in the desert. Are the Norwegians the only soldiers with any sense? Let’s shape up and run this army right. NBC Officers – do your jobs!

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winning writer and a San Francisco Bay View correspondent whose work regularly appears in The Oklahoma Observer and on-line at A former bomb maker in a U.S. government factory in rural Oklahoma, he reports on the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Write Mr. Nichols at

© Bob Nichols

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My hearty personal thanks go to Mr Robert Grant, Historian and WebMaster for the 506th Fighter Group without whose generous assistance this article could not have been written. “Thanks, Robert, I very much appreciate your help.” Contact Robert Grant and the 506th Fighter Group, Iwo Jima, 1945 at the Web Site:


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Any and all errors or miscalculations in this article are fully my own and not of anyone else. – Bob Nichols


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