To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Friday, August 12, 2022


Punch A Hole And Inject Chemicals


One might expect some simpleton to use that less-than-flattering commentary to describe in rudimentary terms what is involved in receiving an injection to protect against some dreaded disease. Clearly the phrase might be used to discourage, rather than encourage, listeners to become protected through the miracle of medical science.

Actually, I heard our new Oklahoma attorney general, John O’Connor, utter those exact words on KFOR-TV’s Flashpoint last weekend as he described his opinion of the COVID-19 vaccine which has undoubtedly saved millions upon millions of lives throughout the world.

Hardly a compliment from John; more a derogatory and flippant expression from the newly-appointed chief law enforcement officer for all 3.9 million people who call Oklahoma their home.

O’Connor, previously a Tulsa lawyer for 40 years, was appointed to his powerful post by Gov. Kevin Stitt who also has been less than, shall we say, enthusiastic about the virus killer.

During the 30-minute show, O’Connor revealed he already is very adept at mumbling through tough questions but has quickly incorporated the pablum and platitudes that now pass for policy positions from the Stitt Administration.

In general, I learned he is: For more guns; few to no abortions – even legal ones; no local control by school boards on masking requirements; the McGirt Supreme Court ruling needs to be overturned in part or in whole; etc., etc.

However O’Connor was very clear on at least one issue: he will stand for election to his post next year and, therefore, please send him campaign contributions.

Like almost every important appointment made by OSU Cowpoke Kevin, O’Connor, too, is an OSU graduate. He lives in Tulsa and, identically to our governor, is the father of six children.

During Flashpoint, The General also assured us he was no puppet for Stitt and would oppose him when necessary but, unlike the man he replaced, will do so only in private. Asked to name one example where he has done so, John the Silent could not or would not respond.

Look, as Joe Biden would say, here’s the deal: This fellow reaffirmed on TV what most political observers already knew and that is he is not remotely the most qualified lawyer in Oklahoma to be our AG; is not even the most talented from Tulsa; and my guess is other attorneys who live on his block in T-Town are better prepared to carry out the duties of AG.

However, he has one trait they don’t that qualifies him for the post – he defended Gov. Stitt over lawsuits filed against him and his company in other states – Georgia most prominently – where he remains barred from doing business.

In closing it is often said that familiarity breeds contempt. However, in O’Connor’s case, it generated an important job which is pretty simple and straightforward as follows: What does the governor want me to do and when does he want me to do it?

Simple enough tasks, don’t you think, unless he digs himself into a hole and forgets the reason he was hired in the first place. Only then might he take an unexpected fall from grace … Oops!

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Cal Hobson
Cal Hobson
Cal Hobson, a Lexington Democrat, served in the Oklahoma Legislature from 1978-2006, including one term as Senate President Pro Tempore.