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Raise Taxes To Cut Government?

BY FROMA HARROP As the debate rages over letting some of the Bush tax cuts expire, Republicans have raised their starve-the-beast theory from its coffin. They insist that government [the “beast”] can be shrunk by cutting taxes: The less money government has, the less government there can be. Time has not been kind to this…

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Living Within Our Means

BY EDWIN E. VINEYARD The question of spending versus saving, so frequently discussed in American households across the country in the past two years, now plagues the nation in general. It is now a quandary that politicians all across the land are facing as they debate public policy in the halls of government and in…

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The GOP Plan

BY EDWIN E. VINEYARD After a year of a legislative policy of “just say no,” at least one Republican has come forth with an actual plan to fix the nation’s deficit. Republican Party leadership in Congress, however, has made it clear in their responses that his is not a “Republican party plan,” but just his…


What Fiscal Principles?

BY FROMA HARROP How big should government be? The answer is: As big as it has to be – and for small-government types, no bigger than it has to be. The whole debate about the proper size of government is a blind alley leading into a dead end. Government must grow at times of war…

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