To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Ted Cruz’s War



Here it is Christmas Eve, tornadoes wiping out Christmases, and instead of talking about those who are actually in need, we are talking about a cartoonist’s attack on Ted Cruz’s children and not about Cruz attacking other people’s children.

The cartoonist shouldn’t have attacked Cruz’s kids because it isn’t their fault their Dad teaches them that denying health care and a living wage to “the least of these” while praising and rewarding “the rich young rulers” is why God wanted him to run for president.

Cruz talks about a “War on Christmas” while he wages war on the working poor. His children are worthy of health care, but the poor aren’t because they are just not good enough Christians.

Then, the news media compares the Cruz “Merry Christmas Attack Ad” – which does actively use his children to attack the health care of other children and call it funny – to an Obama ad that shows nothing more than a father playing with his children and saying he cares about other children.

Cruz is raising millions because someone attacked his children while his life’s work is attacking the working poor and their children. His wife is an investment banker and he is an attorney.

Rudolph, the Underemployed Reindeer? Guess how he plans to have Rudolph fully employed? First, never, ever raise the minimum wage because we want Rudolph working two or more jobs. We want him to still not be able to live on what he is paid. We want him working at least 16 hours a day without health care. In fact, we want both parents working two jobs and then we want to blame them for not spending playtime with the kids. Rudolph’s children should barely be able to recognize him.

Cruz is going to continue saying that we need to cut taxes on the wealthy. He will allow them to pay as little as possible to their employees, force them to work more hours a day, for more years, and he wants to gamble with their retirement by giving it to people – like his wife – to play with on Wall Street.

That is where the “Auditing St. Nick” comes in, because the wealthy are being persecuted. He is comparing Santa to a wealthy CEO and he is coming to town, but you better watch out, better not pout or cry and in the song it says you had better say your prayers or Santa, the CEO, won’t come to your house.

There are millions of kids who are really good and don’t pout or cry even if they are living in a homeless shelter or in their car and pray every night that maybe Mom and Dad will be able to spend time with them. They pray, but Santa, the CEO, isn’t going to pay a living wage or get them health care. He will be sitting in his penthouse pouting about paying too much in taxes.

It is OK to allow your small child to call Hillary Clinton a Grinch, but do not ever associate her with grandmothers because not only was it never OK to associate her with ordinary mothers, but it is now not OK to compare her to grandmothers because she is evil personified.

Hillary may not be like my grandmother with respect to education and money, but she does give a damn about other people’s children and “the least of these” while Cruz and his wife will continue teaching their children that it is OK to celebrate Christmas by attacking others.

You don’t have to attack Cruz’s children because there is plenty to use against him. While he is playing with his children who have never, ever been in need, he will be planning to attack your children and grandchildren by sending them off to carpet-bomb children, millions of children, and he won’t lose any sleep over it because he thinks Jesus wants him to do it.

Karen Webb lives in Moore, OK and is a frequent contributor to The Oklahoma Observer