To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Sunday, February 5, 2023


The English-Only Inquisition



“We are now in the No. 1 position,” says Rep. Randy Terrill.

No, he is not talking about OU, the Thunder, Moore High, Westmoore or OSU. He wants Oklahoma to be No. 1 in their hateful treatment of Hispanics. It’s a contest and the loving cup goes to the least loving.

It is a race to the low road.

The Arizona law is just too soft on the crime of wanting to live in Oklahoma, so Terrill, R-Moore, is going to add asset seizure and forfeiture provisions for immigration-related crimes and harsher penalties if aliens have guns. Terrill wants the immigrants unarmed when the racist types he keeps encouraging come calling. Any racist lunatic in Oklahoma can have a gun, even Terrill.

Terrill is a guy who has no qualms about attacking children, regardless of ethnicity. A few years back he shamed 5th graders from one of OKC’s poorest schools, in one of the poorest areas [and one that incidentally probably has more Hispanics] because their Capitol Christmas tree didn’t show Terrill’s idea of the true meaning of Christmas.

He had no problem with trees decorated entirely with OSU or OU decorations and the Sooner Schooner did not have a manger. There was a small tree next to the coffee pot on a table in the GOP hall at the Capitol, not 10 feet from his office that had shot gun shell lights and racehorses on it and I guess that was in the true spirit of Christmas, according to Terrill.

He is going to seize the assets of the least of these. Terrill will probably insist on taking bottles from the mouths of infants, because they were bought with immigration related money which would include anything an immigrant has earned. Son, get off that tricycle – it was bought with money your mother made cleaning toilets. I don’t care if she faced rattlers and gila monsters in her quest to have to born here, you are just too unworthy.

Terrill once said he wanted to meet me, but he doesn’t and definitely not today. I don’t want to meet him and if I did today, I would need a barf bag because the pompous little twit makes me sick. However, barfing in his direction would give me a certain lift. If I want to meet his kind, I’ll visit with the Aryan Nation guys.

If there is a judgment day, I want to be there to hear God say, “Randy, you have done it unto the least of these and now I will do it to you.” I can’t wait because I want to say, “AMEN.”

It must be Terrill’s potty training, assuming he is potty-trained.

We are going to have a special session of the Legislature that we get to pay for because Terrill and the self-righteous citizen’s brigade, including Democrats and Republicans, are doing a revival of the inquisition, but not the Spanish inquisition. Spanish is forbidden, it will be an English only inquisition.

Karen Webb lives in Moore, OK and is a regular contributor to The Oklahoma Observer


  1. What’s your problem, losing your maid/nanny or yardboy ,your panties are too tight, or did they deport your lover? The man is correct all other crimes State and Federal include asset confiscation including tax fraud which they are guilty of as well. As a plus it will help compensate the State of Oklahoma for their uninsured free medical care and ESL classes

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