To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Friday, October 7, 2022


Vaccinations And Lies



Sharon MartinAn article making the rounds on Facebook declared proof that vaccinations cause autism. Turns out that the article was an outright lie, and the lie makes me fairly tremble with rage.

In Nigeria, a religious leader told his followers that vaccines were a trick by Americans to sterilize their children. The people followed … and so did a polio epidemic. Think of the children. Think of the lives altered and destroyed by this man’s lies.

Another sad result of the war in Syria is a polio epidemic. It isn’t because of biological weapons but the breakdown in the healthcare system; children aren’t being vaccinated.

I had polio as a child. I wasn’t vaccinated. Almost 60 years after my extended stay in a polio ward at Valley View Hospital, there is no reason a child in this country should ever contract this horrid disease.

But it can happen. There are people in this country listening to the half-baked and the liars and refusing to get their children vaccinated.

Whether their decisions are based on religion or faulty information, the results are the same. Just this past month a child in this area died of the mumps. The mumps!

What’s next? Children blinded by measles? Tuberculosis as a life threat? A death sentence from influenza? A lifetime in braces or a wheelchair?

We have to use caution with modern medicines. We have jumped feet-first into some possible cures only to find there’s nothing to them. Some are even dangerous. Remember Fen-Phen? Remember when antibiotics and antibacterial soaps were never questioned?

The first polio vaccines, made from live cultures, sickened some children. That’s a tragedy, but not on the scale of the polio epidemic itself. Doing nothing would have been a greater tragedy.

Are all vaccines safe? I’m not sure, but the results of not vaccinating are certain.

If you love your own little ones, let them know it. Spend time with them. Talk to them. Feed them right. Give them an atmosphere of creativity and freedom in which to grow. Let them play in the dirt and the sunshine. Get them vaccinated.

Vaccination is a manifestation of love.

Modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers. But it has this one: vaccines save lives.

Letting a child die from the mumps is the opposite of love. It’s a sin.

Sharon Martin lives in Oilton, OK and is a regular contributor to The Oklahoma Observer



  1. I had polio as a child…one must know that there were two vaccines given at the time, sabin and salk……I contracted polio 24 hours after receiving the sabin vaccine….the war rages on and there are those who think the modern day vaccines are just great…..but just recently the CDC finally admitted that the vaccine was given to 98 million people and could be causing cancer in many of them since the vaccine was introduced into monkey’s who might have been infected with cancer in the first place…… immune system was shot apparently before I was given the vaccine and they weren’t concerned about that…they were more concerned about the polio spreading further and I cannot blame them for that……I do not wish the thought of anyone having polio…..I thought I defeated the disease and went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force and was a firefighter/Para-medic as well….but had to retire when I started to feel the effects of the disease at the age of 55….I fought with doctors over my falling, feeling tired all the time…and told it was all in my mind….my legs started to atrophy and get shorter and I suffer the same effects I did as a child……my nervous system is shot… muscles are failing….all because they rushed to their judgment in getting the vaccine out………I have kept up with this for all my life and have seen the two best post-polio doctors in the country and speak with them on a regular basis…….I fought many doctors and still do to this very day….it sends chills up and down my spine when they tell me I have to see a new doctor or when I have to switch to new doctors because they have left this area for a higher job somewhere else or retired…..I see the looks and hear them tell me they don’t think I ever had polio and that I am not suffering from the after effects…that all this could be caused by other things…….The War Rages On!!!!

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