To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Friday, December 2, 2022


Oklahoma ‘Needs An Enema’



Is it just me or has anyone else noted that all of the GOP pre-campaign/pre-election political adds seem behind the times?

T.W. Shannon claims great results from “conservative ideals and policies” without any listing of accomplishments. Down south of the border Tex-ass politicians are using “ObamaCare roll out” issues as proof that they are the candidates to chose because they do not cause chaos but work to provide stable environments and job creation. Again with no list of accomplishments to back up their claims.

If this is the best they have to offer? Voters beware.

It is the same strategy or lack of strategy the GOP/Tea Party has used since arriving on stage – raise the level of noise, thicken the smokescreen and distract from the issues.

Shannon has no connection to the issues in Oklahoma. He does not care about the poverty – he’s never known it. He does not care for the jobless and job seeking – he’s never known it. He does not care about equal pay for equal work – he’s never known it. He does not care about women’s rights – he’s never known it.

He does not care about a damn thing except the corporations that continue to pad his bank account and further his political aspirations.

Oklahoma is the petri dish in which Tea Party/Libertarian ideologies are being cultivated. It seems to be that even some that call themselves Democrats have been infected.

Time for a cleansing. The state needs an enema. A new prescription is necessary to bring the Democratic Party back to a healthy concern for all the people – not just some of the people.

The poor, children, LGBT citizens, women, educators and organized labor are all essential pieces of the puzzle and Democrats must stand in solidarity as the one political entity that supports them – all of them.

Let the “food fight” proponents of corporate greed campaign as they will and they will show themselves to be the barnyard pigs they have always been.

Don Nelson lives in Lawton, OK and is a frequent contributor to The Oklahoma Observer




Arnold Hamilton
Arnold Hamilton
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