To Comfort The Afflicted
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To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


What’s Wrong With ObamaCare?



Sharon MartinPreventive care covered.

More people covered.

No one denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

A healthier nation.

Cuts the deficit.

Seniors no longer fall into the donut hole.

So, why the hijinks from the let-‘em-die crowd?

“Why are people so angry that healthcare will be extended to a lot more people?” I ask.

“It’s hitting their pocketbook,” my best friend says.

Whose pocketbook?

Pharmaceutical companies? Maybe. This country is the cash cow for pharmaceuticals; you can buy medicines more cheaply almost anywhere else in the world.

Insurance companies? They should benefit from the individual mandate.

Corporations? UPS will not be hurt by the ACA. They may be hurt by their choice to no longer cover employees’ spouses. They are not mandated by ObamaCare to cover spouses, and they are certainly not mandated to drop them.

It was a choice, pure and simple. It will save them money, perhaps, but it has already cost them good will. Mine, at least.

Hospitals stand to lose, but only in those states that refuse to expand Medicaid. Thanks, Republican governors.

An element in the GOP is doing their best to sabotage ObamaCare to make a point. The Affordable Care Act, in states where the exchanges have been set up, seems to be resulting in lower premiums. The GAO says that implementation will reduce the deficit. So what is the point, exactly?

To make this really hateful, they are trying to blame the failure that they are hell bent on producing on Obama and on the citizens who voted for him. That’s right, they want you to feel guilty for their sins. Doesn’t that make you mad?

We are the last remaining industrialized nation that doesn’t have universal health care. The system works in Canada, never mind what the naysayers are bleating. It works in England, France, and Finland. It works in all those countries whose health outcomes are better than ours and whose citizens are healthier.

I’m tired of the games. Let’s fully implement ObamaCare. And when the people realize what a good thing ObamaCare really is, let’s go even farther.

Republicans, if you are afraid that the Affordable Care Act will work and it will make your side look bad, you can always come over to our side.

Just know that over here, it’s not an exclusive club. We welcome everyone. And we prefer that they have access to healthcare.

Sharon Maritn lives in Oilton, OK and is a regular contributor to The Oklahoma Observer


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  1. I disagree totally with Obamacare. I think his views on this healthcare plan in my opinion is referring to the american people of the United States a communist country. I don’t think he should force everyon to have health insurance whom can’t afford it. Many insurance that is offered by employers to their employees is unaffordable. The premiums are too high, and is the most expensive tax taken out of their check each week. It’s hardly enough money left from your check to pay bills and buy food for the family. I don’t think finning the employers and employees will make everything okay either. There are a lot of small businesses losing their businesses, and employees losing their jobs. This puts America in facing another recession. Maybe if he wouldn’t sound so forceful and demanding, the house will agree to compromise.

  2. Andrea, I completely agree with your point except for one thing, the reason why health insurance is so expensive is because there needs to be health insurance reform.
    Everybody who supports ObamaCare fails to realize that it’s not health care that is the issue, its the Insurance industry. The one way that one would see a huge reduction in health insurance cost is to have more competition. When it comes to health insurance as a whole, you can’t even take it with you if you move to another state .
    The irony to that is that if you have life insurance for example, you can keep your same coverage if you move to another state, one doesn’t have to start over and buy a new form of hralth insurance and pay higher premiums just because they move

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