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Destroying Public Ed

BY ARNOLD HAMILTON My dear friend, and our founding editor, Frosty Troy argues that any Oklahoma teacher who votes Republican these days might just as well get up each morning and shoot themselves in both feet. Several of my more conservative teacher friends – they’ve bought into the GOP-Religious Right-Values Voters claptrap – aren’t amused…

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Contrary, Mary

BY KAREN WEBB U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin, R-OK, had no problems whatsoever giving corporate welfare to the CEOs so they could produce this robber-baron crash we are in, and still she thinks the wealthy thieves need more help with their taxes. Now there she is talking about how sad it is that the robber-barons won’t…

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Privatizing Education

BY FRANK P. BELCASTRO President-elect Barack Obama named as his nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the chief executive officer of the Chicago Public Schools system [CPS]. But what is evident from Duncan’s seven years in charge is his belief that the business of education should, first and foremost, embrace the logic of…

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Inciting Homeland Violence

BY EDWIN E. VINEYARD Not all terrorists are trained by Al Qaeda. This should not be a startling revelation, but somehow it is an epiphany for a lot of people when they stop to think about that statement. Of all people, we in Oklahoma should know the truth about the existence of homegrown terrorists. We…

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Say It Ain’t So, Mr. President

BY KAREN WEBB Dear Mr. President: NO, this is too much. Now your Justice Department is not only defending the Bush Administration against torture charges, you are now justifying warrantless wiretaps. We can only hope the GOP sees the error of their ways with regards to the unitary executive since their executive is no longer…

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