To Comfort The Afflicted
And Afflict The Comfortable

To Comfort The Afflicted And Afflict The Comfortable

Sunday, October 25, 2020

New Observercast

Horse Or Camel?

BY FROMA HARROP A camel, the old saying goes, is a horse made by committee. We don't want camel health reform. We don't want Washington...

The Truth About Male Senators

BY VIRGINIA BLUE JEANS JENNER Old white guys on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee have an opinion on everything but an opinionated woman bugs them. Take...

Missing Voice

FRANK P. BELCASTRO Dubuque, IA Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act in 1993 to increase the number of eligible citizens registering to...

They Don’t Care

BY NORM ROURKE Watching Feed The Children trucks unloading boxes of food in Wilmington, OH, while people waited in line, broke my heart and made...

Bush’s Formula For Success

FRANK P. BELCASTRO Dubuque, Iowa The members of the Bush Administration may have been the most disastrous dreamers, the most reckless gamblers, and the most...
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The Middle Way

Who benefits if citizens can’t access preventive medical care? How many homeless would find a way off the streets if mental healthcare were available to...

Observercast 40: Challenging A 13-Term Incumbent

It’s never easy to unseat a 13-term congressional incumbent. It’s even harder when the district’s boundaries are bigger than a dozen states – and...

The Confirmation Hearings That Weren’t

There were times when I crowded in front of stores selling televisions to watch Anita Hill or Clarence Thomas, to see Robert Bork borked,...